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How Social Media made our Lives Easier ?

How Social Media made our Lives Easier ? Let us find out some of the points of social media uses to know more about social networking. 

Some information on How social media makes our life easier :

  1. Social media helps to share messages and other documents with family and friends free of charge.
  2. Social networking sites helps to make new friends.
  3. No need to remember the details of your friends, you can get detail information easily from social networking sites.
  4. Easy to remember birthday of friends and relatives.
  5. Social media sites helps to find jobs.
  6. Social media sites also gives you updates on daily activites of your friends.
  7. Social media sites is easy to use.
  8. Effective method of communication.
  9. You will get instant response from your social networking sites.
  10. Easy to check information of your favourite celebrities from social networking sites such as twitter , facebook etc.
  11. You can chat with your friends and can spend time on social media sites.

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What Does HMU Mean ?

Let us check it out what does HMU mean ?

HMU stands for "hit me up" in texting and used as an internet slang.This type of abbreviation is generally used in social media apps.

HMU is a form of text language used during chatting. It is generally used in apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vine, Tumblr, Reddit and other social media apps.