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Full Form of CC and BCC

Full Form of CC and BCC are as follows , so let us check it out some information on CC and BCC to know more about it.

CC stands for Carbon Copy

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy

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Full Form of SAP

SAP : Full Form is given below So Let us find out the full form of term SAP and other useful details to know more about SAP.

1. SAP stands For "Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing".

SAP is related to ERP Where ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". 

Full Form of FAX

FAX : Full form can be defined in different ways which are listed below, so check it out different full form of term FAX.

  1. "Far Away Xerox" in Computer Technology
  2. "Facsimile" in Telecommunication
  3. "Facsimile Automatic Xerox" in Electronics
  4. "Facsimile" in Space Science

FAX is a copy of image as well as text which is printed on a paper, FAX is sent through a telephone line from one party to another. Now this Facsimile service is replaced by e-mail and other online text messages services.

Full Form of RTGS

RTGS Full Form - RTGS allows companies, individual or different firms to transfer amount from one account to another on the internet.

It is very fast method of transferring money from one account to another.

RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement.

Full Form of FAX,GPRS

Facsimili (FAX) is used to sent scanned document copy or image over a telephone line.(Other full form of FAX and meaning are also available) So check it out other articles related to the given term.

GPRS : General Packet Radio Service (Packet oriented mobile data service for mobile communication).


BMW Full Form/acronym - BMW is automobile, engine & motorcycles manufacturing company in germany.

Founded in 1916.

BMW stands for Bavarian motor works and also called as Bayerische motoren Werke. 


Full Form of QC. Someone asked me what is the full form of QC, So let us check it out full form of QC.


What is the full form of QC?

  • Answer:
  • Quality Control
Quality control is the term generally used in pharmaceutical or chemical industry . Similarly Quality Assurance (QA) is the another term which is used in pharma industry.