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Difference Between Organic Farming and Conventional Farming

The difference between organic farming and conventional farming are as follows. So let us check it out some information on organic farming as well as conventional farming to know more about it.

  • Organic farming uses natural fertilizers such as compost or green manure to feed soil and plants.
  • Conventional farming apply various types of chemical fertilizers to promote the growth of plants.
  • In organic farming the pesticides used are obtained from natural sources.
  • In conventional farming the synthetic insecticides are used to control pest and disease in plants. 
  • Method such as crops rotation , tillage, mulch, hand weed are used in organic farming. Weeds are removed physically to manage weeds.
  • Synthetic herbicide are used in conventional farming to prevent germination of weeds in conventional farming. This herbicides are added to soil in order to kill weeds.
  • No chemicals are used in organic farming.
  • Chemical are used in conventional farming.
  • Untreated seeds are used in organic farming.
  • The seeds used in conventional farming are generally treated with insecticides

Also check out some Advantages & disadvantages of organic farming to get more information.Various techniques such as crop rotation, compost, green manure and biological pest control are used in organic farming to keep soil and plants healthy.

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