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What are the Characteristics of Monopoly?

Some of the Characteristics of Monopoly are discussed below. So let us check it out some more points and information about various characteristics to know more about Monopoly.

Characteristics of monopolies are:

  1. Due to monopoly there is only single seller and large number of buyers are available in the market.
  2. As the product is unique, No close substitute is available hence more chances of making profit.
  3. More profit can be increased in long term from product or services during monopoly.
  4. During monopoly the firm or company can change the prices of products or services to make more profit out it
  5. There are chances of price discrimination at the time of monopoly.
  6. The entry of new company or firm can be blocked effectively by legal or natural barriers.
  7. Monopolist are price maker as they have ability to set prices of product and services.
  8. There are barriers to entry during monopoly.
  9. New firms cannot enter market hence no immediate competitors.
  10. Firms or company can make profit in long term.
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