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For what CAT exam is Conducted ?

For what CAT exam is Conducted ? Some of the useful points are given below. So let us check it out some information on why CAT exam is conducted to know more about CAT.

  • CAT is an online entrance exam , where CAT stands for Common Admission Test.
  • CAT  exam is conducted every year by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) to give admission in Post Graduate Management programs in IIMs and other reputed Management Schools and Colleges in India.
  • You can get admission in  various MBA programs after given CAT exam. 
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Full Form of RTGS

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Full Form of FAX

FAX : Full form can be defined in different ways which are listed below, so check it out different full form of term FAX.

  1. "Far Away Xerox" in Computer Technology
  2. "Facsimile" in Telecommunication
  3. "Facsimile Automatic Xerox" in Electronics
  4. "Facsimile" in Space Science

FAX is a copy of image as well as text which is printed on a paper, FAX is sent through a telephone line from one party to another. Now this Facsimile service is replaced by e-mail and other online text messages services.