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Can I crack CAT exam without coaching?

Can I crack CAT exam without coaching ? Some of the useful points are given below. So let us check it out few information on cracking CAT exam without coaching to know more about CAT.

  • The answer is yes, You can crack CAT exam without coaching, It is not mandatory to enroll coaching classes to crack CAT (Common Admission Test) exam.
  • Cracking CAT exam depends on the type of person you are, If you are good with basics and have enough discipline during CAT exam preparation then you can crack CAT exam without coaching.
  • There are lots of  students who scores well in CAT exam every year without coacking.
  • If you know your strength and Weakness then it is easy to prepare for CAT exam accordingly.
  • CAT is one of the Entrance Exam which is being conducted by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in order to give admission in Post Graduation Management programs in IIMs as well as other good MBA colleges in INDIA.
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