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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paper Chromatography

Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages of Paper Chromatography. Sot let us check it out using some of the advantages and disadvantages of paper chromatography to know more about Chromatography.

Some of the Advantages of Paper Chromatography are:

  1. Paper Chromatography requires very less quantitative material.
  2. Paper Chromatography is Cheaper compared to other chromatography methods.
  3. Both unknown inorganic as well as organic compounds can be identified by paper chromatography method.
  4. Paper Chromatography  do not occupy much space.compared to other analytical methods or equipments.

Some of the Disadvantages of Paper Chromatography are:

  1. Large quantity of sample cannot be applied on paper chromatography.
  2. In quantitative analysis paper chromatography is not effective.
  3. Complex mixture cannot be separated by paper chromatography.
  4. Less Accurate compared to HPLC or HPTLC



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