Metals Recycling

Recycling of metals such as copper, aluminium etc., is required to protect earth and environment. It also saves energy and natural resources. Along with benefits there are some drawbacks of recycling metals. 

Advantages of Metals Recycling

  1. Recycling helps to reduce landfill sites
  2. Metals are easy to reformed and the process of melting metals for recyling is easy.
  3. Garbage and rubbish on earth can be reduced hence recycling of metals helps to save earth.
  4. Job opportunities are created for people.
  5. Metals such as aluminium , copper, zinc are recycled and ultimately saves resources and energy.

Disadvantages of Metals Recycling

  1. Waste disposal sites is unhygienic for people working at that place.
  2. The process of collection of metals from various places is time consuming
  3. The transportation cost increases.
  4. Separate manufacturing plant is required to recycle old materials. Some more points of Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling



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