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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Affinity Chromatography

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affinity Chromatography - Check out more information of advantages and disadvantages of affinity chromatography to know more about chromatography.

Some of the Advantages of Affinity Chromatography are:

  1. Affinity Chromatography is used to study enzymes and other proteins.
  2. Affinity chromatography is used in genetic engineering.
  3. Also used during production of vaccines.
  4. Protein or Enzyme purification by affinity chromatography.
  5. Very high degree of purity can be seen with affinity chromatography.
  6. High specificity with affinity chromatography.

Some of the Disadvantages of Affinity Chromatography are:

  1. Ligands used in affinity chromatography are expensive.
  2. Leakage of ligands is also observed sometimes.
  3. Low productivity with affinity chromatography.
  4. Non-specific adsorption in affinity chromatography.